Jcodegen Online Code Generator


This page proivdes a simple web interface to Jcodegen, which implements methods for the calculation of Hessian eigenvalue bounds published in [1], [2], [3], and [4].

The tool Jcodegen is a code generator that, given a twice continuously differentiable function, provides C-code for calculation of the eigenvalue bounds of the Hessian of the function on a hyperrectangle. Jcodegen expects the function for which the Hessian eigenvalue bounds are to be calculated. The C-code generated by Jcodegen expects the hyperrectangle as its parameter passed at runtime.

[1] M. Mönnigmann: Efficient calculation of bounds on spectra of Hessian matrices. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 30, 2340-2357 (2008).

[2] M. Mönnigmann: Fast Calculation of Spectral Bounds for Hessian Matrices on Hyperrectangles. SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Application 32, 1351-1366 (2011).

[3] M. Schulze Darup, M. Kastsian, S. Mross and M. Mönnigmann. Efficient computation of spectral bounds for Hessian matrices on hyperrectangles for global optimization. Journal of Global Optimization: 631-652, 2014.

[4] M. Schulze Darup and M. Mönnigmann. Improved automatic computation of Hessian matrix spectral bounds. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 38: A2068-A2090, 2016.


Jcodegen.zip contains the code generator written in Java, some sample problem files, a simple example for a C-main file that calls the generated code, a user manual, and the papers mentioned above.

UserManualJcodegen.pdf is a separate copy of the user manual provided in the above zip-file.

Online Code Generator

If you would like to try the Jcodegen code generator without downloading it, please follow the brief instructions given here.

Provide the function for which the Hessian and the Hessian matrix eigenvalue bounds are to be calculated below. Upon pressing the Calculate button Jcodegen generates two C-files that will be displayed below. The first file provides a function to calculate the eigenvalue bounds. The second file provides a function to calculate the interval Hessian on a hyperractangle provided at runtime.

Note that Jcodegen contained in Jcodegen.zip provides more options than just the eigenvalue bound calculation and the interval Hessian calculation.

To use the generated C-code please download the zip-file given above. It contains all required header files and a simple makefile for compilation with gcc.

Please provide the function for which Jcodegen should generate C-code.

Eigenvalue Bounds